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Taiji sake warmer – Traditional bulbs may wither in the warmth of summer, but that is while bulbs from the subtropics in reality shine. They’re useful for adding bold and dramatic colours and patterns to gardens anywhere. In temperate regions they may be able to be dug up in fall and replanted in spring, and in warmer climates they are able to be left within the floor indefinitely as returning perennials. They also make nice replacements for gardeners in hotter climate zones, who can not grow conventional springtime bulbs just like the crocus or daffodil. Most of the plants listed below are technically referred to as corms, rhizomes and tubers, but they are grouped together as bulbs for simplicity’s sake.Warning Flowering bulbs could also be toxic if consumed, and these aren’t any exception. See more plant cautions for puppy house owners. 7 Tropical Bulbs for a Summer Garden That Wows

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Try those stunners in summer's tough warmth for lawn thrills with an exotic flair.

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