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Swenson red grape – A visible cue that a garden is alive is all the time delightful and pleasant. While evergreens are reliable lawn standbys, it is the dynamic deciduous sorts that may in reality stimulate the senses and tell us a brand new season is coming. ‘Roger’s Red’ California wild grape is one such plant, and its distinguishing features come alive in fall. It used to be discovered by way of horticulturist Roger Raiche rising naturally along a road in Sonoma, California. Raiche was once struck via the bright sun shades of red displayed via the vine’s seasonal foliage. After years of speculation and analysis , it was once decided that what used to be considered a native California grape used to be, in fact, a very unique grape hybrid (a cross between the native Vitis californica grape and a European Vitis vinifera). Distinct, decorative and unfussy, Vitis ‘Roger’s Red’ is a lush deciduous grapevine that gives a robust lawn body and a impressive lawn accessory, revealing one thing new every season.. Great Design Plant ‘Roger’s Red’ California Wild Grape

Swenson red grape Mediterranean Landscape through Pete Veilleux, East Bay Wilds.

image of Swenson red grape Mediterranean Landscape through Pete Veilleux, East Bay Wilds

Lush, vibrant and a thoughtful supplier of snacks for flora and fauna, this deciduous vine is particularly spectacular in a fall lawn.

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