Rustic country home decor – By MAS Design

Rustic country home decor By MAS Design. Rustic country home decor "It a serenity vibe we had been going for," Carlson says of the airy 2nd-ground equivalent to bedroom. The diffused interaction of styles & textures inside the herbal situation speaks to the spouse's Japanese historical past. The ash timber bed, fabricated in Oakland, is a "takeoff of a Japanese platform bed," Carlson explains, & elements evening-table wings that to be floating, a hand-sewn, linen-upholstered headboard. The sits atop an alternative custom-made, hand-woven, chunky wool rug. Pendant lighting as soon as once again adds potent focal features in addition to a cultural : The rattan baskets, clustered in threes, are repurposed Indonesian fishing nets. A pair of chrome- stools in flank a mango timber stool that opens for . As on the first floor, the porcelain flooring tiles are set on a diagonal, Perry says, "they go with the flow from one room into the other; or not it's now not chopped up, which to the serenity."Custom platform mattress headboard: fabricated to obviously Hammers and Heels; headboard upholstery: Delano linen in Cobblestone, Romo; rug: Structures Coral in shade 33, Stark Carpets; benches: Cowhide & Chrome, Scenario Home; round table: Mango Ball, Bellacor

Rustic country home decor - By MAS Design
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