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Polar bear plunge

Polar bear plunge – As the polar vortex a swirling, bitter blast of Arctic air keeps to circle across the United States in the Midwest, Northeast and South, and in Canada, other people awakened to new bone-chilling temperatures today. If they have been lucky , they aroused from sleep at home, as the snow and ice that followed the typhoon have grounded flights and stranded trains. Yesterday we asked the way you were managing the recording-breaking low temperatures and snow, and the responses ranged from useful to hopeful to funny.. Polar Vortex How Homssers Are Coping With the Storm

Polar bear plunge Polar Vortex, Day 2.

image of Polar bear plunge Polar Vortex, Day 2

Spirits are staying prime whilst the mercury plunges to new lows. Do any of those firsthand accounts sound familiar?.

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