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Curses and hexes – With cold climate and vacation unique just around the nook, our attention often turns to our home interiors. Take a good have a look at your furnishings from the standpoint of a visitor How do things really glance? A few easy updates could make a big difference in how other people see your home. My massive drawback piece is a settee from the mid-1970s that I have not had time to fix or reupholster. To get yet another year out of it, I up to date the loose back cushions with symmetrical tufting. This is a quick, simple trick that I tried out on a love seat last 12 months with superb results. You simply desire a tufting needle, tufting wire and elementary sewing talents.. Furniture Clinic End the Curse of Slouchy Couch Cushions

Curses and hexes By Upholstery Club's Shelly Leer.

image of Curses and hexes By Upholstery Club's Shelly Leer

Prolong the lifetime of your sofa with this inexpensive restoration that is really easy, even a starting sewer can do it.

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